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Dr. Jerry Galloway has performed as a professional musician, drummer and vocalist for almost 50 years. He has a background in classical music and has studied theory and numerous instruments and vocals.  Even in High School, he served as the district student conductor.  In 1969, Jerry was performing up to 10 shows each week on pipe organ at the old Warner Brothers vaudevillian theater in Milwaukee, WI, - known as the Riverside Theater.  He has performed on saxophone, concert piano and studied at Rowan State University theory and composition for several years with Manny Albam, the renowned Jazz musician from New York City.

As a drummer, playing hits since the mid-1960’s, Jerry was a founding member of The Steamrollers, based in New Jersey.  There he played 6 nights a week in the 70’s and toured with the legendary Grand Ole Opry star, Webb Pierce. (See young Jerry and Webb Pierce in the Photo Gallery.)  After the east coast, as a drummer and vocalist, Jerry helped form the band Stone Broke and played Houston, Texas, for the next 13 years.

Throughout these years, Jerry maintained full-time work in school earning a Bachelor's Degree in Logic at the University of Houston, including a minor in applied music.  After law school, Jerry began the earliest work on technology in education. By the mid-80's, Dr. Galloway earned his Doctorate in Instructional Technology from the University of Houston.  He followed with many years as a professor of education and coordinator of computer education at Indiana University NW.

With over 25 years as a university professor, his research helped establish the early protocols of online education now commonplace on the Internet.  His work as a programmer and in educational computing contributed to the foundations of teaching teachers to use technology and to integrate technology into today's classrooms.  Jerry has served on the National Board of Directors for the National Social Science Association and as an editor for the International Journal of Educational Psychology.  Most recently he has been a contributing professor for Walden University supervising doctoral students' research and completion of the dissertation process.

He is a widely published author, public and motivational speaker, stage actor, and pilot. And, as a 5th degree Taekwondo Master, he operated his own martial arts academy for over 25 years.  Master Galloway is a 5-time national medalist winning the gold at the US National Championship in Detroit, 2002.  As an astronomer, he operates his own observatory and serves as the Astronomy Lecturer for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

During the 1990's Jerry took his voice and drumming to Ernie Givens & The White Lies Band from Chicago to Indianapolis and southern Michigan.  Their CD, "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" took them to winning Nashville’s OCT “Indie” award as the best Independent Country Band in the World in both 1999 and 2000.  Today, Jerry is the drummer for Denver's greatest party band:  25 SOUTH - and they too are available for bookings for parties, corporate events, festivals and more.

Jerry performed as Frank Sinatra with the Chris Chandler Orchestra from Savannah, Georgia.  Over the past few years, Jerry directed and performed in his own musical and dance stage play, "The Nostalgic Jukebox," recreating his characters of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Tom Jones on stage in Orangeburg and Charleston, South Carolina.

He is a member of MENSA and in 2009 published his autobiography titled, "A Mosaic of Perseverance: The Autobiography of Dr. Jerry Galloway" available from TMA Educational Services & Media Publishers.

Jerry is now a signed recording artist with Tate Records (Tate Music Group) and working on new projects.  For almost 50 years he has played and sung leads and harmonies with everything from 40's big bands, classic rock, country and oldies to swing and jazz.  When not on stage drumming, Jerry can be found singing weekends at local restaurants, playing with the band, or singing at parties and special events with his solo show featuring the greatest in popular music from the past 60 years.  ...................     [ Back to Top ]

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